The VolumePackage

The VolumePackage

With the newly developed volume package for AgenaTrader, you can get the absolute maximum out of the volume information for each security. Along with twelve advanced indicators with widely varied functionalities, our development team has also developed eight conditions with volume signals. Our specialists have also set up a separate workspace in order to create a particularly effective way of analyzing and working with the components of the volume package.

Image 1. The VolumePackage workspace

The following indicators are included in the package:

    • VolumeSessionPro
    • VolumeArea
    • KlingerVolumeOscillator
    • WyckoffWave
    • VolumeKeltnerChannel
    • VolumeUDR
    • VolumeTickSpeed
    • VolumeZoneOscillator
    • VolumeRiseFall
    • VolumeGraph
    • VolumeSentimentLong
    • VolumeSentimentShort

The VolumeSessionPro and VolumeArea are volume profile indicators with which you can now have highly customizable volume profiles displayed in AgenaTrader.

Image 2. VolumeSessionPro indicator

The following conditions are included in the package as signal generators:

    • Long_NoSupply
    • Long_StoppingVolume
    • Long_TestBar
    • Long_TwoBarReversal
    • Short_Upthrust
    • Short_HiddenUpthrust
    • Short_NoDemand
    • Short_TwoBarReversal
Image 3. VolumeUpDownRatio (VolumeUDR) indicator

The conditions can be used in any timeframe you wish; naturally, real-time scanning in thousands of markets is also possible with this. The foundation for the signals is formed by the VolumeSentimentsLong and Short, which can detect bullish and bearish volume activity. You can read more detailed information about the calculation method of the signals in the documentation that you receive after purchasing the VolumePackage.

Exchange transactions are associated with significant risks. Those who trade on the financial and commodity markets must familiarize themselves with these risks. Possible analyses, techniques and methods presented here are not an invitation to trade on the financial and commodity markets. They serve only for illustration, further education, and information purposes, and do not constitute investment advice or personal recommendations in any way. They are intended only to facilitate the customer’s investment decision, and do not replace the advice of an investor or specific investment advice. The customer trades completely at his or her own risk.

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