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Udo Müller – AgenaTrader Educator and -Coach

About me

I opened my first securities account at the beginning of November 1996 and a few days later I subscribed for the T-Share, the so-called “Volksaktie”.

Since then I have been involved with the stock exchange and shares and work full-time as an editor, engineer and technical writer for software applications.

In recent years, I have dealt intensively with the subject of the stock market and have watched countless videos and webinars, attended seminars and read trading books to understand how the subject of the stock market is communicated to interested parties. In the course of this I have also written various manuals on the subject of trading.

Since the beginning of 2017, I have been working intensively with AgenaTrader and have also written technical documentation for it.

Since 2019 I have been a training partner of AgenaTrader and would like to pass on my knowledge in coaching sessions.

  • Year 1996: Opening of the first securities account and purchase of the T-Share
  • From 1997: Private mid and long term trader in funds and shares
  • Year 2016: Training in trading and investment with Mario Lüddemann
  • Year 2018: Development of AddOns for AgenaTrader
  • Year 2019: Training partner of AgenaTrader and AgenaTrader – Coach
  • Year 2020: Performing webinars with and about AgenaTrader


On the Internet there are many free videos on the subject of stock exchange, trading and investment. If you want to implement your trading strategy, you will soon realize that it is not so easy after all and various questions arise. Which trading software should I use, do I need an additional data feed, how do I find a reputable broker?

Invest in your training so that you avoid operator errors when trading and you gain more security. It is worth it!

I will explain the AgenaTrader step-by-step and pick you up at your current level of knowledge, so that you too can operate successfully on the stock exchange.

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Udo Müller
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