Official release of the AgenaTrader version 1.9.(0.475)

Official release of the AgenaTrader version 1.9.(0.475)

The first conceptual work on this trading software took place back in the second half of the year 2015, while the development team was still diligently working on version 1.8 and the testing had everybody’s hands full, in order to extensively test all upgrades and ensure the quality.

The go-ahead for the development was subsequently given in January 2016, even if one or two bits of programming for 1.9 were already completed before. The core element of this version was the comprehensive renovation of the history management. This meant that AgenaTrader was not only brought up to date with the latest in cutting-edge technology once more, but it also enabled functions that the software market has never before seen in the areas of trading and chart analysis.

Time display in the menu
Time is read from the PC

Innovation 1.9

In the last few weeks, we have occasionally received inquiries as to why chart styles such as Heikin Ashi, Renko, Line Break, Kagi, Range, Volume and Point&Figure can no longer be found in the version 1.9? We were able to reassure people with the answer that these have not gone missing, but have received a comprehensive upgrade. Starting with version 1.9, we are no longer just talking about simple chart styles, i.e. a graphic depiction of tick or OHLC prices, calculated according to regular timeframes. Now, these previous styles have been detached and now represent their own independent data series.

The advantage lies in the fact that indicators and conditions can now be calculated using these data series. AgenaTrader++ stop and target strategies can now also be used for these former styles, and the scanner analyses the markets for you based on Heikin Ashi, Renko, Line Break and more. The multi-timeframe scanner, therefore, now also functions as a multi-data series scanner.

New functions without extra costs

The new history management of the trading software in itself would already be enough to publish a new version. However, the AgenaTrader management decided to offer its customers even more, and all of this without additional costs. The following functions have been newly added or extensively upgraded:

  • Economics and financial calendar
  • Interactive Brokers – financial advisor accounts
  • Risk management – daily loss limit
  • Backup and recovery
  • AgenaTrader notifier – free for all customers until 31.09.2016 in the Google Play Store, and soon also in the Apple App Store
  • Clock and time zones
  • Fractal display of prices in chart
  • Extensive visual display of executions prices in the chart
  • Backtesting – tick download as well as extension for backtest with NTB charts

Here we have mainly listed obvious, larger functions. Smaller functions such as the automatic synchronization of static instrument lists, a price histogram for the DOM and many more have also been added. You can find an extensive release note with all contents at

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All time zones at a glance

Performance and security

Software development companies are constantly advancing their products. It is not for nothing that you continuously receive updates for programs that you use, and here we’re not just talking about AgenaTrader. But not only are new functions built in – this also keeps the software up-to-date with the latest technology. This ensures that performance and security continuously undergo improvements.

A big challenge in this sense are the brokers and data feed APIs. An API is the interface between two programs such as, for example, AgenaTrader and the software of a broker or data feed provider. The interfaces are continuously receiving updates, since our partners also develop their software further and carry out security updates.

With this in mind, approx. 100 updates for performance and security have been developed and brought in. AgenaTrader++ functions have been enhanced and improved with 18 updates. And over 70 updates for the extension of existing functions or new functions have been programmed for version 1.9 in the course of this last year, in order to increase the user experience when working with AgenaTrader.

The final slight changes to the menu navigation are a first venture in the direction of improving the user friendliness.

Big changes, few complications

Before the official release we activated the version for early access on 19.07.2016, and then about 2 weeks later as a beta version for all customers who wanted to test it in advance.

At this point, I would like to thank our teams in development and testing (internally as well as the beta testing group) for the outstanding job that was done here.

In the course of these 2 months, only very few problems were reported to us that actually led to an update. The development and testing departments were able to predominantly work on new broker APIs such as Exante and FXFlat in this time.

All time zones at a glance
All time zones at a glance

New broker API

A few days ago, FXFlat officially announced its partnership with AgenaTrader and since then, the connection has been available for all customers and interested parties. For this, the enabling of the FXFlat connection must be requested with FXFlat.

Exante has also been completely developed and can be used for tests. The official announcement is currently still outstanding, which is why the connection still has to be manually enabled by us. Caution! Exante requires an external data feed in order for you to use it.

TradingTechnologies is also well advanced; here, however, we are still waiting for 2-3 small technical solution proposals from TT, which are being prolonged a little. Under favorable circumstances, a TradingTechnologies interface could still be included in a V1.9 post release.

User statistics 1.9

Around 100 customers registered for the early access on 19.07.2016, and two weeks later, after the release for all customers, this new version was already adopted by up to 500 people. On 12.09.2016, i.e. last week, the version was shared as the official release, and 2/3 of our customers have already requested and installed the new version. In addition, several hundred demo customers are also using the new version.

The AgenaTrader team is very happy that in such a short time, a large number of customers and demo customers have expressed their confidence in us and are using the new version as early adopters.

All time zones at a glance

Many thanks for reading this article!

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