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Webinar Special I

AgenaTrader Mercury/Andromeda – Q&A webinar with CapTrader

Today, on September 26th, another Q&A event of the AgenaTrader Mercury/Andromeda webinar series will take place. In this webinar you are invited to ask questions about the AgenaTrader Mercury and Andromeda, they will be answered live and with practical examples.

Mercury is a free single broker version of AgenaTrader you get when opening a real account with our Mercury partner Captrader. This version is a sleek AgenaTrader version, designed exclusively for discretionary trading and allowing AgenaScript-C# indicators and strategy programming.

Andromeda is coming up with numerous groundbraking features, supporting your high professional trading: Drag&Drop signal building, Click&Select strategy programming or the integrated Risk&Money Management are just a few of the features that make the Andromeda a popular and reliable classic among the AgenaTrader products.

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This webinar will take place in German.

Webinar Special II

Trend spotting with Oliver Najjar

Today, on September 26th at 2pm the first of the four-part webinar series, held by AgenaTrader partner Oliver Najjar and hosted by FXFlat, is taking place:

Trend spotting with the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON

Oliver Najjar´s MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON enables you to view and trade the financial markets from the perspective of a professional Dow Theory trader. Oliver explains, “Let the AddOn support you in your trading and use the possibilities to structure your trading style and your working style. High-performance trend detection, fully automated stop moving, identification of “low risk strategies” or filtering according to market signals form the core of this professional trend detection software.”

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Tip: FXFlat and Oliver Najjar of have a special offer for all friends of the Dow Theory. Here you can get a 20% discount for the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON.

This webinar will take place in German.

Last Call for early booking price

TradersUnited / SwingTrading intensive training

Don´t miss it: Only until Monday, September 30th, 2019, the amazing early booking price of €2.699.- VAT included instead of €3.199.- VAT included for the three-day SwingTrading intensive training is valid!

Bit by bit, this bipartite swing trader intensive training, held by our AgenaTrader partners, TradingCoaches Carsten Berger, Mike Seidl and Martin Goersch, will give you an understanding of the necessary basics you need for successfully trading the financial markets. Especially part-time traders will benefit from a time-optimized approach. Carsten Berger explains, “Through this you can build and expand your portfolio with an optimal time- and risk budget and therefore generate your income partially or completely as a trader in the long run. However, as you do not make profits in the financial markets with expertise only, three experienced traders will support you after the end of the seminar. This means that you can learn extremely efficiently in less time and can focus on your goals!”

Here you can find additional information and important details about the workshop as well as the registration.

This seminar will take place in German.

Tip of the week: AgenaTrader trading education

Did you know that with the AgenaTrader you do not only have an intuitive and innovative trading software available, but also get the possibility to develop and extend your trading knowledge?

Every beginning is hard – that´s a truism. Yet, especially in trading all too often it turns out that even longstanding experience does not necessarily lead to success when you lack the basic knowledge.

Besides numerous free online education media about trading in general and the platform in particular, AgenaTrader, together with its long-standing professional partners, provide fee-based education services. These enable you to evolve and expand comprehensive and lasting trading skills. Whether you only just begun or are an old hand, who wants to increase his knowledge, whether you are a passionate scalper or take a rather moderate swing-trading approach: we have the perfect training as well as the right education partner for everybody´s taste and needs.

Here you can find our international partner´s education services – just click on the respective logo for more information…

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