AgenaTrader Newsletter / week 42/19

Webinar with live voting:

How to build the ideal trading signal

Take part and vote: starting from October 24, AgenaTrader and broker partner CapTrader will launch a new webinar series:

How to build the ideal trading signal

In this monthly webinar series, you can send us your trading ideas and we will try to build them live with the ConditionEscort of the AgenaTrader. In the course of a voting during every event we will find one condition that will be built in the webinar. Be there and find out how easy it is to create your own signals and develop your own trading approach.

Just send your condition ideas in advance to or with the subject “AgenaTrader/CapTrader webinar – my ideal trading signal”.

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This webinar will take place in German.


upcoming events

Today, on October 17, our partner from ATT Trading are again inviting you to a Live Trading Session with the ATT team.

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Also, today, October 17, AgenaTrader and broker partner CapTrader are inviting you to another webinar of their special event series “Trading with the BORN-Bar” with Rüdiger Born.

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On October 24, at 9pm the second of the four-part webinar series, held by AgenaTrader partner Oliver Najjar and hosted by FXFlat, is taking place: “Market preparation and screening of the markets”.

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These webinars will take place in German.

Testimonial of a Retail-Trader:

Andreas Kohl on AgenaTrader

In the last few weeks you learned, why Pro-Trader loves to work with the AgenaTrader. But what induces Retail-Trader to opt for the platform?

This week you can learn, why Retail-Trader Andreas Kohl was sold on the AgenaTrader right from the start and why he doesn´t want to do without the software anymore.

Here you can find the testimonial …

Tip of the week: The ChartGallery AddIn

Did you know that in the AgenaTrader you have the ChartGallery available, that allows you to display an unlimited number of charts simultanously within a container?

You can either open the ChartGallery via „Main -> New -> ChartContainer -> ChartGallery“ or by clicking on the corresponding icon in the application toolbar and choosing the desired gallery. In the definition popup you can now choose the desired instrument or InstrumentList and timeframe and adjust the number of periods and bars, if necessary. Confirm by clicking „OK“ – the desired ChartGallery will open in a new tab.

With this AddIn, you have SingleChart galleries, ListChart galleries, TabChart galleries as well as ChartGalleries for InstrumentLists available that give you individual and complete freedom over your charts and ChartGroups, when it comes to the number of charts and their arrangement.

Find further setting options and detailed instructions for the ChartGallery AddIn here in our Online Help as well as here in the video tutorial.

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