Release Notes – Minor Version

#8645  Exante: Implemented encrypted connection

#7338: Google // Fixed issues regarding Google’s mapping

#8070: AT++ // Action buttons not reacting when strategy is changed unless AT++ is restarted

#8701: Scanner // Instrument list not selected when you start a new tab

#8389: Trade Manager // Filter Tab Trades not active after start AT – Order Manager and Part-Trades

#8995: Backtest // Download Tickdata for 1 Day not possible

#9083: Default OrderSize is not taken in OrderEscort “Discretionary Quantity”

#9224: Analyzer Escort // Update 570 changes “Bars Count” of Analyzer to default: 200 bars

#9243: Futures calendar // “New Year issue”

FXFlat Broker specific update (V 593) mappings