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AgenaTrader Newsletter / week 39/2020

September 20th, 2020|0 Comments

InteractiveBrokers Users - please always use the TWS Stable version! Our support team gets tickets from time to time which are difficult to understand in connection with IB. Especially in [...]

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You no longer need to keep constant eye contact with your trading software! After carrying out all your desired configurations in AgenaTrader, you can simply let the software manage the trade. You receive all updates as well as all important notifications and announcements in real time sent directly to your smartphone.

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AgenaTrader Mercury – Free of cost

Get a great Trading Platform without any platform cost from one of our Mercury-Partners – find them here…

AgenaTrader Mercury supports traders who want to act discretionary. The Mercury version has a huge range of features, including our powerful (C #) AgenaScripts, which gives you unprecedented possibilities for full automation.

With the multi-time frame view in charting, you only need to load one symbol or instrument list (for example, AAPL or Nasdaq100), and you will automatically be presented with your desired time frames in a chart group. The time frames are easily changed to any time unit you want to see.

Key Features:

  • AgenaScript (C#) incl. MS-Visual Studio Integration
  • Extremely powerful real-time scanner for more than 1000 symbols
  • Drag & Drop – OCO / ORO / IF-DONE connections
  • Very unique Multi-Time frame Charting
  • Very comfortable Workspace Management
  • Price alerts
  • and much more.
Trading Software - AgenaTrader Basis

Mercury Partner Brokers

CapTrader AgenaTrader
CapTrader AgenaTrader
FX-FLat AgenaTrader
Dukascopy AgenaTrader
Dukascopy AgenaTrader
XTB AgenaTrader
XTB AgenaTrader
Trading Software - AgenaTrader Basis

AgenaTrader Neptune

Try something more!

AgenaTrader Neptune contains all functionality which you can find in Mercury – and something more. This is a Multi-Brokerage Version to be able to diversify your accounts to all the brokers you can find in our broker list.

In addition Neptune offers some more valuable functionalities comparing to Mercury.:

Key Features:

  • All Mercury Features
  • Multi-Brokerage / Multi-Data feed
  • Financial Calendar
  • Record/Replay Portal
  • Package Creator
  • Notes- and Web-Tab
  • Time- and Indicator alerts
  • and much more.

AgenaTrader Andromeda

Supporting high professional trading

AgenaTrader-Andromeda supports all AgenaTrader Neptune features and also includes the advanced functionality for risk managed semi-automated trading, the so called AT ++ features that make the AgenaTrader so unique.

Andromeda supports the trader who wants to choose his trades from the large universe of stocks / futures / forex / CFDs. The "6 Must Have Tools" bring you to the technical eye level of institutional traders.

Key Features:

  • Drag & Drop signal programming
  • Click & Select Strategy programming
  • Integrated Risk & Money management
  • Strategy back testing
  • Real time signal Power Scanner
  • One Click Strategy Trading
  • and much more.

Our customers tell us:


90%  save time during trading


88% see it as the best platform on the market


85% recommend AgenaTrader to other Traders


75% increased their profitability


35% would tend to leave the markets without AT


“The frequent switching between providers and the testing of trading platforms, as well as the disappointments and limitations associated with this, are now a thing of the past.

Andreas Kohl, Private trader

All in all, AgenaTrader is precisely the solution that I need for my work as a trader, no matter which time frame I am active in. I use it daily with great enthusiasm.


AgenaTrader is a weapon in the financial markets. I know of no better trading platform than AgenaTrader.


Martin Goersch, Portfolio Manager/Trader Coach -

Due to the many individual tools, it became more and more difficult and time-consuming for me to implement my trading. So I was looking for a trading software where I probably could find at least some of these tools integrated. But I found AgenaTrader where all these tools were there.

Since using the trading software AgenaTrader, I have been able to organize my daily routines in a more time-saving manner much better, but also to refine them and additionally to merge everything into one automated process.


Christoph Nickels, Private trader

AgenaTrader is definitely worth its purchase price. As we all know, quality costs money, and especially in trading, one should not do without the most important instrument in the form of a professional trading platform.


Daniel Saub, Private trader

From a professional point of view, the AgenaTrader software is characterized by its opportunities to operate efficiently. There are many ways to work through the markets extremely quickly.


It is not easy to find good trading software and brokers. In this context, personal requirements play a significant role whilst learning to trade. Since the AgenaTrader software is able to adapt itself to your trading style, it gives you the greatest possible freedom.


Carsten Umland, Author & Trading Coach

As a professional trader of 25+ years AgenaTrader software provides me with spot on trading tools and the flexibility of integrating with my price action trading techniques and proprietary intraday scalping methodologies. It is not easy to find good trading software and brokers. I highly recommend AgenaTrader to new and experienced trader’s worldwide.

Saul Shaoul, CBOT Pit Trader

For me as a Dow Theory trader, AgenaTrader fulfills almost all my wishes. From the rapid screening of the markets according to my preferred setup, to the practical administration of current trades. AgenaTrader allows you to concentrate on what is really essential in trading – searching for the best DowHow Signals.

Markus Gabel, Portfolio Manager -

AGENATRADER is supervised by a very good support team, and is also consistently being further developed and rounded out with new, useful applications.


Frank Abing, Private trader

Extend your AgenaTrader with our AddIns or AddOns

Correlation matrix

Correlation Matrix AddIn

With the Correlation Matrix, you can find out which symbols correlate / anticorrelate and thus derive interesting hedging opportunities.


Chart Gallery AddIn

The Chart Gallery, which manages to present entire instrument lists in charts, allows you to keep hundreds of charts under control.


Dynamic Scanner AddIn

The Dynamic Scanner only compresses your signals from your different scanners. Become a signal hunter and collector.

Trading Diary Pro

Trading Diary Pro AddIn

With the Trading Diary Pro you finally manage to keep a consistent trading diary. AgenaTrader records, the Trading Diary evaluates.

COT Institutional AddOn

COT Institutional AddOn

The Commitments of Traders Report is a valuable report that is made available by the regulatory authority – the CFTC – once a week.
The value of this report is to bring transparency to the trading activities of  the Smart Money participants.

Volume AddOn

Volume AddOn

With the Volume Package, you can get the maximum out of the volume information for each asset. Along with twelve advanced indicators with various functionalities, our experts have also developed eight high efficient volume signals.

Dow Theory Pro AddOn

Dow Theory Pro AddOn

The Dow Theory Add-On (Market Technique)  has been further developed, improved and refined for two years.
The result, besides the highly advanced trend recognition, is a worldwide unique overall solution, in combination with a high sophisticated Dow-Theory work space.

Location Point AddOn

LocationPoint AddOn

Location Point® trading: Concealed behind this concept are years of experience with the insight of how markets demonstrably behave in a recurrent manner at very obvious marks in the charts. It is a highly efficient trading style with a crystal-clear set of rules.

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