AgenaTrader++ Features

Semi-automatism in perfection.

Unlock the full potential of your trading with the AgenaTrader++ features, which combines all the exceptional general features with the advanced functionality for risk-managed semi-automated trading.
Experience a truly unique trading experience that sets AgenaTrader apart from the rest, empowering you to optimize your strategies and navigate the markets with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Drag & Drop signal programming
  • Click & Select Strategy programming
  • Integrated Risk & Money management
  • Real time signal Power Scanner
  • One Click Strategy Trading
  • … and tons of other unique features

The Scanner wonder

Drag&Drop Signals

You want to see and trade your signals when the market gives them.

For that you actually need to know how to program. But most likely you are not a programmer and therefore you have 2 options:

1. You have signals programmed for expensive money, by someone you don’t know, and give away your trading secrets.

2. Or you build your signals yourself without programming knowledge by drag & drop via the SignalBuilder.

Decide for yourself whether to give your money and knowledge to a programmer or to acquire the necessary basic knowledge that will enable you to build even complex signals yourself with just a few mouse clicks.

MultiSignal PowerScanner

The PowerScanner with the Multi-Signal Analyzer column offers you an extremely space-saving and efficient option,

· from 1000s of symbols,
· in different time units,
· with a variety of different signals,
· at the right time

…to find the best trading opportunities.
Never miss one of your signals again – and if it should happen, you will already see the same signal to another symbol.

Dynamic Scanner

With the Dynamic Scanner, you no longer need to switch between tabs and check whether each scanner is emitting signals. Any signal generated in one of your power scanners will be displayed in only one scanner immediately.
This way you become a hunter and collector of the best trading opportunities without missing a signal.

· Manage all your trade entries from a single tab.
· Automatically display all your signals generated in your workspace
· See which symbols are newly added to the dynamic signal list or which ones you have already checked for trading opportunities.

This is semi-automatic trading in perfection!


But your time is too valuable to sit in front of the computer all day waiting for signals.
The Notifier app keeps you informed and sends all trade updates and important notifications about what’s happening in AgenaTrader directly to your smartphone.

You will receive in the Notifier the latest
· Trading signals according to your settings
· Order/Trade executions
· Profit/Loss information
· Time and price alerts
· Connection status to brokers and data feeds.

AgenaTrader Notifier is available for IOS / Android.


No matter if you are looking for dividend hits, P/E miracles or book value bargains:
With our Fundamental Scanner, you have the corresponding analysis at your fingertips with just a few clicks, and it is extremely easy to use.

You have more than 60 parameters at your disposal to find stocks according to fundamental criteria.
For example, you can display the undervalued stocks of energy suppliers listed on the NYSE – and much more. There are almost no limits to the imagination.
These result lists can be transferred with 2 clicks into the PowerScanner, to search for technical signals.

Trading automation

Strategy Builder ToolBox

What good is the best signal if your trading platform does not offer you the possibility to trade a signal via an automated strategy.
But you do not have the programming skills to program a strategy yourself.
Use a well-equipped toolbox that provides what you need for an automated strategy.
The Strategy Builder allows you to select from a variety of trailing stops and target methods with 5 mouse clicks to create a strategy with which your signal can be combined


Risk management is the most important thing in trading. But how to do it right and duplicate it?
To calculate the right order size for a trade, you have to do a lot of manual calculations.This is time-consuming and error-prone and keeps you from making quick decisions.
AgenaTrader provides you with a risk management component that automatically takes care of the necessary calculations for each trade.
No need for tedious math – focus solely on the quality of the entry.

One Click Strategy Trading

Now just wait for your technical signals in the PowerScanner.
Verify if these signals match your visual criteria.
Then simply click on the signal cell in the scanner and the strategy will be placed in the chart according to your definitions – including correct order size and profit/loss calculations.
From now on you are in a replicable trade, just like the institutional professionals practice it day by day.

Trading-Journal, Trading Diary

Get new, highly valuable insight and analysis into your trading with the most advanced analytics:

· What do you use to make the highest profits?
· On which day of the week, at which time of the day?
· ProfitLoss per day/week/month/trade
· Graphical presentation of your profit-loss ratio
· Ranking of your strategies in terms of profit and loss

This is how you can work with it:

· Put indicators on your equity curve
· Use drawing objects to analyze your equity curve
· Benchmarking: compare your results with an index (SP500, NQ100, DAX30 etc.) – see if you beat the market?
· Add comments and rankings to your trades.
· Analyze your good and bad trades in the trade history