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Our support team is regularly confronted with similar questions. We have summarized answers to these questions here and would like to ask you first to browse through the FAQ’s where you may already find the answer to your questions.

This will save you time and the support team will find more time to answer your important support cases quickly and with high quality.

Common License Questions

– My license has been deactivated
– AgenaTrader broker license (single)
– Does a sponsored (branded) license
contain all functions?

Chart display and analysis

– When is the candle considered “ended”
in the candle chart?
– Can I import my own data sources (tick data histories)?

Chart is ticking without displaying candles

– Most probable reasons and solutions

Semi & Full auto trading

– Due to a multitarget setup, no OCO link can be generated between Stop and Target
– Deviation in the PnL statement am offline?

Hard and Soft stops: Automatic stop movement

– What is the difference between
Hard and Soft stops
– Examples

Import packages (AddOns)

– Entering the package license key
– Creating or importing a package
– Import package, setup

Technology and installation

– AgenaTrader on several computers
– Resetting AgenaTrader to older settings: backup
– Does AgenaTrader support MAC OSX (Apple)?
– Are my data still available after Backup?

Brokers and data feed providers

– Is a broker connection possible with the basic version?
– Broker and data feed connection instructions

No security definition found

– Definition of the problem
– Request instruments / mappings
– Instrument Lists and Mappings Import

Connection issues

– Correctly establishing a connection
to a broker or data feed
– Connection guides for brokers and data feeds

Histories and market data

– Missing market data
– Do I have the latest version?
– Have I connected to the data feed correctly?
– Do I have the right account settings?

Trading or transmission of orders doesn´t work

– Trading function is deactivated
– Transmission of order doesn´t work

Historical requests overflow at IB

– AgenaTrader issues a warning via a popup:
– History Request Overflow
– Charts are depicted partially incorrectly
and contain erroneous data

Which order connections does my broker support

– Overview order connections
– Supported versus locally simulated connections

Create your instruments

– Creating an instrument
– Practical examples

Chart is ticking without displaying candles

– Most probable reasons and solutions