AgenaTrader General Features

Simplicity meets trading comfort

Revolutionize your trading experience with AgenaTrader – the visionary platform offering exceptional trading comfort.

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General Features - Charting, Scanning


AgenaTrader provides you with a large number of powerful indicators that support you in your individual market analysis.

Our default settings come with more than 150 different indicators. One unique feature is that you can place indicators into the ActionBar as “dynamic indicators” so as to only display them in the chart when you need them.


The AgenaTrader platform has a large range of drawing objects. The pencil symbol directly in the chart makes it incredibly easy to open the drawing objects and insert them into the chart.

Adjust the settings for the various drawing objects yourself, and create templates for your favorite drawing objects.

With your preferred drawing objects – from simple lines, to analytical tools, to text labels – you can visualize your charts and optimize your trading analyses.

Multi Timeframe

With the multi-timeframe view, you just need to load a symbol or an instrument list (e.g. AAPL or Nasdaq100), and you automatically receive up to four charts in different timeframes.

The timeframes can easily be adjusted to any time that you wish to see

Order Stream

OrderStream charts are a multi-dimensional type of candlestick chart that can provide an investor with additional variables for technical analysis beyond just price.

The Volume Profile is an advanced chart study that shows trading activity over time at specific price levels. The study draws a histogram that identifies dominant price levels based on volume.

Simple Scanner

The simple scanner makes it possible for you to scan hundreds of values in real time and in various timeframes.

Beyond this, observe the real-time behavior (e.g. bid, ask, last, volume) of the different symbols, place indicators in various columns or scan your self-programmed AgenaScript conditions in order to understand the market behavior of entire instrument lists at a glance.

When one of your signals occurs, the corresponding symbol is marked.

General Features - Trading

Chart Trading

Chart trading in AT is uncomplicated and professional. With just a few clicks, send complete setups from the chart out into the market. You can open the context menu from directly out of the chart in order to enter your orders.

The order types can be easily linked using OCO/ORO/IF-DONE connections.


One of the many functions of AgenaTrader where its simple usage shines through: place and link orders, and save this order construct as a template in order to return to it in the future and use it again.

Turn your favorite order groups into pre-prepared templates so that you can quickly and easily open them up again.

Order templates are static strategies, where a trader can place complex order structures with many lots of order connections just with one mouse click.


In AgenaTrader, it is possible to depict complex order constructs, whereby the following options are available.

– OCO (One Cancels Other): as soon as one order is executed, the connected order is deleted.

– If-Done: when an order is executed, the connected orders are activated.

– ORO (One Reduces Other): if the order is filled, the second order’s size shrinks by the filled order’s volume.

DOM, QuickTrader

The Depth of Market – DOM for short – allows you a glimpse into the order books of the market.
The QuickTrader, as the name implies, makes it possible to rapidly enter orders or strategies into the chart.

It is managed via the ActionBar, by means of which you can control the DOM behavior directly in the chart.
If level 2 information is available for the instrument, horizontal bars are also shown.

Within these bars, the respective volume is displayed in the form of a number.