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Trading Diary Pro

Trading Journal  PRO

With our Trading Journal PRO,  you receive additional professional features for your trading diary

Main Features

  • Obtain new, extremely valuable insights and analyses of your trading with the most sophisticated reports.
    • In which instruments do you generate the highest profits?
    • On which weekday and at which time of day do you generate the highest wins?
    • Profit/loss per day/week/month or trade.
    • Graphical preparation of your profit/loss ratio.
    • Ranking of your traded strategies with regards to the respective P&L generated.
  • Have your indicators calculated to your equity curve (enables manual equity trading!).
  • Use drawing objects to analyze your equity curve.
  • Calculation of risk multiples for your trades, plus graphical preparation
  • Benchmarking: compare your trading results to an index (SP500, NQ100, DAX30 etc.) – can you beat the market with your trading?
  • Scroll through all your past trades in the Trade Collection, add comments and analyze your historical trades

With this add-in, you receive the following features:

  • professional and extremely extensive statistics
  • graphic analyses and evaluations of all your trades
  • use indicator calculation and drawing objects for your equity curve
  • benchmark comparison of your trading to a market index
  • representation of the risk multiples
  • innovative view of all your historical trades by simply scrolling through the TradeCollection
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