Trading Journal Pro

With our Trading Journal PRO,  you receive additional professional features for your trading diary. Obtain new, extremely valuable insights and analyses of your trading with the most sophisticated reports and get statistics about:

  • In which instruments do you generate the highest profits?
  • On which weekday and at which time of day do you generate the highest wins?
  • Profit/loss per day/week/month or trade.
  • Graphical preparation of your profit/loss ratio.
  • Ranking of your traded strategies with regards to the respective P&L generated.
  • Have your indicators calculated to your equity curve (enables manual equity-curve trading!).
  • Use drawing objects to analyze your equity curve.
  • Calculation of risk multiples for your trades, plus graphical preparation
  • Benchmarking: compare your trading results to an index (SP500, NQ100, DAX30 etc.) – can you beat the market with your trading?
  • Scroll through all your past trades in the Trade Collection, add comments and analyze your historical trades

Trading Journal Pro

Trading Journal Pro Features

Trading Overview

AgenaTrader records each trade and keeps an automated trading journal. This enables you to clearly understand and evaluate trading behavior.

Performance Graph Indicators

In the new TradingJournal, you can load any indicator to your equity curve, from which you can draw new conclusions, e.g. whether your equity curve is currently below the average or above it.

Performance Graph Drawings

Just like in a normal chart, you can also use all possible drawing objects in the Performance Graph.

Trade Collection

The TradeCollection provides a comprehensive overview of your trades, including automatic screenshots, important trade information, synchronized comments, and self-assigned TotalRatings, facilitating post-trade analysis and learning for traders of all levels.


“When using ‘Percent’ display and ‘Use daily chart,’ activate the Benchmark function to compare your performance to global indices with daily percentage changes, accessible by clicking in the chart.”