AgenaTrader Notifier

You no longer need to keep constant eye contact with your trading software! After carrying out all your desired configurations in AgenaTrader, you can simply let the software manage the trade. You receive all updates as well as all important notifications and announcements in real time sent directly to your smartphone.

The AgenaTrader Notifier includes six different tabs:

  • Blog
  • Notifications
  • Signals
  • Executions
  • Alerts
  • Connection Status

This means that in the Notifier, you receive the very latest blog posts, trading signals corresponding to your settings, order/trade executions including the profit/loss generated, alerts, and the current connection status to your broker and data feeds.

The AgenaTrader Notifier is available for iOS / Android devices

AgenaTrader Notifier

Notifier App Features

Trading signals

When the PowerScanner detects one of your signals, it is sent to the AgenaTrader Notifier app

Order executions

Imagine your order setups in different markets: Entry, stop loss and two targets. Do you always want to wait in front of the computer until they are executed?
Or receive notifications via the Notifier app, no matter where you are, to track the execution and trading progress.

Market Alerts

Receive price, time, and indicator alerts on the AgenaTrader Notifier Mobile APP. Make trading decisions on your smartphone, saving time on routine PC checks.

Connection status

Finally, we’ll notify you if the connection to the broker or data feed is lost, ensuring you’re aware of your internet quality and can act promptly if it changes from green to red, eliminating trading setup worries.