AgenaTrader is an ultra-modern trading platform that offers extensive possibilities for beginners as well as for experienced traders. AgenaTrader allows you to trade in semi or fully automated mode, as well as develop your own indicators, scripts and complex strategies in a comprehensive interface without any prior programming knowledge.

The main features of the trading platform are:

  • Simultaneous access to several brokers and data feeds
  • Scan for thousands of instruments in real time
  • Search the signals and receive alerts relating to pre-defined parameters
  • Conveniently place the orders with just a click of the mouse
  • Use trailing stops and targets to reduce risks
  • Implement the DOM + 3rd Level InsideMarketBox
  • Simulated trading account available for beginners
  • High speed and stability

Combining intelligence and efficiency, AgenaTrader software is setting the standard for the future with state-of-the-art plug-in architecture in the programming language C#.NET.

State-of-the-art trading - deciphering the whispering of the charts.
We are aware of the existence of numerous charting and trading tools. But have you ever heard of a trading platform that can actively support you during trading?
Would you like to be able to trade professionally, delegating risk and money management to professional software?!

With AgenaTrader you can make this reality!


About Online Help

The AgenaTrader Online Help guide is a detailed instruction manual for using the platform AgenaTrader.
Here, you will find descriptions of our product as well as extensive descriptions of the functionalities, charting options, and other useful information.
Learn more about establishing connections to the available brokers and data feed providers before starting.
Check out the video tutorials and workflow videos in our online education portal AgenaSpace or go directly to the description of AgenaTrader's multifunctionality.

We hope you enjoy getting to know the AgenaTrader software!


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