AgenaTrader's Andromeda version supports traders who pursue a diversified trading approach and select their instruments from a variety of types such as shares, futures and Forex etc.

This version includes all features of the Basic Version and in addition new feature of AgenaTrader++, trading journal, dynamic orders and more.

With Andromeda you are informed about signals that have occurred for hundreds (or more) of values and can decide whether or not to trade the signal . 
If a signal does not conform to your criteria, you can wait for the next signal which may possibly provide a qualitatively better entry. 
Since it is not necessary to constantly stay active whilst trading, you will be prevented from executing bad signals.

The Andromeda version contains the following features:

  • The AnalyzerEscort, which displays all signals within a column. The suggested signals can be transferred into the trade setups and semi-automated strategies with just a click.
  • Dynamic orders that are submitted on suspicion and adjusted to the market situation.
  • The integrated trading journal, which allows you to learn from the trade history and improve your trading.
  • The possibility to program complex signals (AND, OR, XOR) without prior programming knowledge with just a click.
  • An EOD scanner, which allows complex scanning for approx. 7000 US stocks.

Please consult the product description here if you wish to compare functionalities of all AgenaTrader versions.

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