Trading or transmission of orders doesn´t work

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Trading function is deactivated


Trading function in chart context menu and/or QuickSetup-buttons are deactivated:

Reasons and possible solutions:
  • Account settings for multibrokerage are not correct. -> Please check, if you have activated broker as well as asset classes and exchanges you want to trade in Tools -> Settings -> Account connections. Here you can find further information on multi brokerage settings.   
  • You are not connected to your broker account. -> Please connect to your broker via Main -> Connections -> Connecting. 
  • Trading hours or trading breaks were adjusted. -> Please check in InstrumentEscort as well as in KonfigurationsEscort your settings of trading hours and trading breaks. Here you can find important informationen on Market Place Escort.
  • Over-the-counter trading hours are activated. -> Please check, whether you changed Over-the-counter trading hours and activated in chart via Toolbar-button   Prepost  , and if so, deactivate it.


Transmission of order doesn´t work 


Order is not sent to broker.

Reasons and possible solutions:
  •  Mappings were not (or not fully) imported or are wrong. You get this error message:


-> Please re-import mappings. If mappingfor the instrument in question is still incorrect or missing, you can request correct mapping in InstrumentEscort with "Submit correct mapping"-button.

  • Ticksize in instrument is not set correct. You get this error message:


-> Please adjust ticksize according to your broker. You can find this information on broker´s website or in broker´s platform.

  • Account size is too small for order size. -> Please book some money to your broker account or reduce order size. 
  • Margin requirements not fulfilled. -> Please book some money to your broker account or close some open positions. 


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