Action bar

The Action bar is located on the right hand side of the chart and is equipped with various functions to improve trading management. 

Icon Decription
Maximize chart
Fixate action bar
Show/hide trading pad
Open Quick Trader
Open Chart Trading Pad (Standard oder AT++)
Open DOM
Open ActionBar settings
Change time frames
Instrument lists
Quick setup buttons
Quick indicators
Drawing objects
Price styles
Order Templates

The Action bar settings can be accessed by doing one of the following:

  1. Select from the main menu Tools ->Settings -> Configuration Escort and then  ActionBar.
  2. Right-click on the Action Bar within the chart.

Furthermore Action Bar settings can be set general for all Action Bars if the user uses the Configuration Escort setup (left picture) or for each chart individually if he/she accesses the action bar with a right click within the chart (right picture).

ActionBar Fixed  

ActionBar Price Scale  

ActionBar global settings (Configuration Escort) ActionBar individual settings (right clicking on the ActionBar)
Apply button: for global settings of all ActionBars Apply button: only for individual settings
Apply for All button: for global settings of all Action bars

Now we give an overview of the functions of each mentioned element.


Enlarge chart

This function allows you to enlarge a chart up to the size of a list / tab chart group charting area. ( EnlargeChart1 chart maximizing button).


Using the chart minimizing button EnlargeChart2 you can revert the chart back to its original form.

ActionBar (1)  



Fixate ActionBar

If the Fixed Action Bars option within the Action Bar-> General is enabled, the pin will not appear and the action bar will always be visible. If it is not enabled, you can determine for each individual chart (by left clicking on the pin) whether the Action bar should be fixed or appear only when the cursor is placed within the chart area.

ActionBar Fixed

Actionbar Hidden Eng Actionbar Fixated Eng

Open the trading pad

Left click on the Open TradingPad button to open / expand the trading pad (Standard on the left picture and AgenaTrader++ on the right picture).

Actionbar OpenTradingPad Actionbar AT++

If you left click on the Close TradingPad Hide button again, the trading pad will be hidden.


Time frame regulator

Using the time frame regulator you can change the time frames for the corresponding chart.
Right click within the action bar to bring up the Configuration Escort -> ActionBar->Time Frames window and customize predefined time frames.

ActionBar Timeframes


Instrument list buttons

The instrument list buttons enable you to add instruments to your favorites list, customize them, or remove them with a mouse click.

Right click within the action bar to bring up the Configuration Escort  -> ActionBar->Instrument List window, then in the drop-down list, select multiple instrument lists from the Instrument Escort. For each of the selected lists, AgenaTrader will create a button in the action bar.

When the instrument list button is red, this indicates that the current instrument in the chart is included in the instrument list. To remove this instrument from the instrument list, left click on the button. When the button is not colored, this indicates that the current instrument is not included in the instrument list. To add this instrument to the instrument list, left click on the button.

You can also use hot keys to add or remove instruments from the instrument lists.

ActionBar Inst List  



Quick setups

This functionality is available in the AgenaTrader++ Centaurus version and higher.
The quick setup functionality enables you to transfer your customized setups from the Setup Escort to a chart with just a click.

ActionBar Setup Escort

Select  the Configuration Escort menu. This will bring up a window in which you can select the  ActionBar -> Entry Escort  to configure your quick setups.

ActionBar Entry Escort

Once defined, the corresponding B(uy) and S(ell) buttons will appear in the Action bar. If you click the B(uy) or S(ell) button for a specific setup, AgenaTrader will automatically place an order with the corresponding risk criteria and other parameters defined within the Configuration Escort.



Quick indicators

Quick indicators have an ergonomic function, providing quick access to the most important indicators without overloading the chart. This leaves you enough space to display information pertaining to actual trading.
The Quick indicator buttons are available within the action bar. As long as the cursor remains over one of these buttons, the indicator will be visible on the chart. When you hover away then the indicator will be hidden.
If you click the quick indicator button, the corresponding indicator will be shown on the chart until you click this button again.

ActionBar (Indicators)

The buttons have the same color as the indicator's line.

Right click on  ActionBar->Indicators  to configure the quick indicator setups.

ActionBar Indicators


Drawing objects

Use your favorite drawing objects for a quick access with the Action Bar.

ActionBar Drawings

Right click   ActionBar -> Drawings  to configure the drawing objects.

Order Templates

Use your favorite order templates for quick access in the Action Bar.


Find details about orders template on page Chart Toolbar: Orders templates

Price styles

Use your favorite price styles for a quick access in the Action Bar.

ActionBar Price Style

Right click within the action bar to bring up the Configuration Escort -> Action Bar -> Price Style window and customize predefined price styles.

If the charts are too compressed vertically, so that only a few buttons are visible inside the action bar, then you will need to scroll up or down:

  1. Click on Chart/ActionBar make it active,
  2. Move the cursor over the Action bar and left click,
  3. Scroll up and down with the mouse wheel.

ActionBar (scroll)

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