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AgenaTrader Testimonial – Carsten Berger, Pro-Trader and AgenaTrader Coach

Carsten Berger holds a degree in finance administration and has been managing his assets independently since 1988. For his trading, he uses a structured top-down approach (index – industry – share). His trading style is based on the principles of swing trading, relative strength and volatility. He mainly trades equities, ETF´s and CFD´s.

He shares his extensive Trader knowledge and AgenaTrader expertise with coaching and seminars. With his free newsletter he analyses the markets and supports his subscribers.

Why AgenaTrader?

When I started active trading in 1992, there were not yet the technical possibilities as I know them now. I bought a share there at the bank counter and later via telephone trading. The Internet was still in its infancy.

In the course of time I use more and more individual tools, such as Screener Internet pages, market data calendars, position sizing calculators, trading journal, backtesting software, fundamental filters, manual order entry at the broker, etc.

Due to the many individual tools, it became more and more difficult and time-consuming for me to implement my trading. In 2012 I was looking for a trading software where I probably could find at least some of these tools integrated.

But I found AgenaTrader where all these tools were there.

So I made it to
– Save a lot of time
– Get into a structured approach
– Manage my work effectively
– Turn into a reproducible trading
– Avoid most of the my trading mistakes
– and to gain tremendous confidence in trading
These arguments are reason enough to recommend AgenaTrader to every Trader. Added to this are the many technical possibilities of the AgenaTrader which allows to improve my trading permanently
With the AgenaTrader I can perfectly implement my trading style.